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This site will document my motorcycle journey visiting a small corner of Alaska and a larger corner of Canada.

The above Google map will show my progress in real time using my cell phone’s GPS capabilities*. You can left-click on any spot on the path to see the statistics at that point in time. You may also send me a message by clicking on the teardrop, indicating my last known position, and typing your message in the text-box area at the bottom of the popup. Please note that when I have completed the trip the above map will be changed to a static, not GPS driven, map.

I know that most of you are familiar with Google Maps and Street View but there are some who are not (you know who you are.) So here is a very brief overview. You may scroll the map left or right, up or down by dragging. Zoom it in or out, tilt it, switch to a satellite or road-map view all by manipulating the controls. There are little click-able icons that will bring up a photo and/or some information about that point.  Another cool feature of Google Maps is that you may also drag the little gold bubble person onto a street, highlighted in blue, which will engage Street View.

“A ship in port is safe, but that’s not what ships are built for.” ~  Grace Hopper

Enjoy The Ride. I know I will.


* Due to Cell Phone Coverage updates may be sporadic in some areas.

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