Day 20 – June 14, 2017 – 8:16 PM MST – Sun City West, AZ
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This blog will document my 2017 summer trip.
First up will be Can-Am’s 10th Anniversary Bash up in Valcourt, QC, Canada, the birthplace of the Spyder. We will be meeting up with a group from Los Angeles in Richfield, UT then heading to Valcourt for the party. I’m sure we will be adding more Spyders as we ryde east. After those festivities end, I will be traveling west, via the Lake Express Ferry to Milwaukee, WI., then on to the Madison Wisconsin area to visit with some of Chris’ family that I haven’t seen in a while. As long as I’m in the area I’ll cut down to the Verona, WI. area to say hello to Jim and Gloria, friends from Sun City West.  After that, it is on to Red Lodge, MT. That will be my gateway to riding the Beartooth Scenic Highway followed immediately by the Chief Joseph Scenic Byway followed by a bit of exploring Yellowstone National Park. Once those are complete I head south to visit the Craters of the Moon National Monument then onto Utah’s Scenic Byway 12. I have driven UT 12 once before and want to do it again this time on the bike. It is the most beautiful desolation I have ever seen. Then it will be time to head for home. (sigh)

The above Google map will show my progress in real time using my cell phone’s GPS capabilities*. You can left-click on any spot on the path to see the statistics at that point in time. You may also send me a message by clicking on the Roadrunner icon, indicating my last known position, and typing your message in the textbox at the bottom of the popup. Please note that when I have completed the trip the above map will be changed to a static, not GPS driven, map.

I have put an overlay of my proposed route on the above map. Each leg of the tour is represented in a different color. As I ride the route the colors will change to a dark blue with the Roadrunner Icon showing where I am currently. I may stray from the route in my wanderings but that’s a feature, not a bug.

PS – If you are not familiar with Google Maps here’s a hint. You can drag that little gold person onto the map. Drop the dashed circle onto a road and the street view will appear. You can then turn using the mouse to see what is around that spot. Great to do up in Beartooth Pass or any place actually.

“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.” – Anonymous

Enjoy The Ride. I know I will.


* Due to Cell Phone Coverage updates may be sporadic in some areas.

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